Zuma Zuma Drinking Game

Equipment None
Number of Players 4+ (the more the better)
Our Rating

Zuma Zuma

Zuma Zuma is a loud chant-based drinking game that follows a beat of bang-bang-clap-clap. The rules are quite difficult to get your head around if you've not played before, but we're confident that once you start, you'll thoroughly enjoy playing!

How to play Zuma Zuma

First of all, someone is chosen to be the Zuma. The person to Zuma’s left is one, the next person is 2, and so on. To start the game, everyone chants ‘Ahhh fuck me up” whilst creating a beat by banging the table twice, and then clapping twice. This continues and everyone chants “Zuma Zuma”. The person assigned to be Zuma then says Zuma Zuma, followed by the name of another player, twice. For instance, “Zuma Zuma, Two Two”. Whoever is number two must then repeat his/her number and pass to someone else, by saying “Two Two, Five Five”. Play continues in this manner until somebody messes up by hesitating for too long or by saying the wrong number.

After the first game, the person to the left of Zuma (number 1) becomes Zuma. This means that everybody's number will change. Number 2 will be number 1, number 3 will become number 2, and so on.