Spoons Drinking Game

Equipment Spoons, cards, table
Number of Players 4+
Our Rating


Spoons is a competitive, fast-paced drinking game that can be an excellent party starter.

How to play Spoons

First, you pull out x number of card denominations from the pack (x = number of players). For example, if there are five players, you may pull out all four Aces, Kings, Queens, Jacks and Tens. Next, get enough spoons for every player bar one (so if there’s 5 players, get 4 spoons). Place the spoons in front of you in the middle of the table.

Shuffle the cards that you’ve pulled out and deal an even share to each player. Players now look at their cards, and whoever dealt will quickly say “Pass!”. When the dealer says ‘pass’, each person must pass one card along to the person on his or her right. To ensure a good game, this should continue in a quick manner (every 4 seconds or so).

The aim is to get 4 of the same cards in your hand. Once you get 4 of the same, you must quickly grab a spoon. The loser is the last person left without a spoon, and he/she must drink a pre-defined amount. Usually, this is either the denomination of the winning hand (i.e. if four 7’s was the winning hand, then the loser must drink for 7 seconds), or downing your entire drink. If two players grab the last spoon at the same time and don’t let go, the loser is the one holding the shortest end.