Would You Rather Drinking Game

Equipment Pens and paper
Number of Players 5+ (must be odd number)
Our Rating

Would You Rather

A fantastic hypothetical drinking game for those who know too much about their friends for the ‘I Have Never’ drinking game to be fun.

How to play Would You Rather

Would you rather works on a voting system, whereby whoever is in the minority has to drink. One person in the group will pose an ultimatum, for example, “Would you rather: a) lose all of your hair, or b) be really hairy?”. All players should write down their answer on a piece of paper. Once everyone has decided, answers are revealed simultaneously. If there are five players and three said that they would rather be really hairy, then the players who chose losing all of their hair have to drink a pre-agreed amount. Play continues as the next player poses his/her own ‘Would you rather’ question.

Revelations from 'Would you rather' can be absolutely hilarious, especially when players start to get a bit tipsy as there's an endless amount of questions that can be posed.