Ring of Fire Rules - Drinking Game

Equipment Cards, pint glass, table
Number of Players 3+ (5/6 would be ideal)
Our Rating

Ring of Fire

Ring of Fire is one of the most popular drinking games for groups because it combines a variety of fun small games / tasks in one.

How to play Ring of Fire

The Ring of Fire Rules are simple, grab a pint glass and place it in the middle of the table. Spread a pack of cards in a ring around the glass, and make sure there are no gaps (i.e. the circle is not broken). Players then take it in turns to select a card without breaking the circle. If the circle is broken, the player responsible must down his/her drink. Each card has it’s own distinct meaning. Rules vary from game to game, but our suggested rules are as follows:

  • A = Waterfall
  • 2 = You – You can choose somebody else to drink.
  • 3 = Me – You have to drink.
  • 4 = Whores – all girls drink.
  • 5 = Thumb Master
  • 6 = Dicks – all guys drink.
  • 7 = Heaven – the last person to point to the sky has to drink.
  • 8 = Pick a mate – pick a drinking buddy. Every time you drink, he/she has to drink as well, until someone else picks up this card.
  • 9 = Rhyme – Pick any word (e.g. cat) and the person next to you has to choose another word that rhymes with it. This continues until somebody hesitates or cannot think of a word. The person who messes up has to drink.
  • 10 = Categories – Pick any category (e.g. premier league football teams) and go around in a circle naming teams. Whoever messes up first has to drink.
  • J = Make a rule – Make up any rule that must be followed for the remainder of the game. Anybody who disobeys the new rule must drink.
  • Q = I have never
  • K = If you choose a King, you have to add some of your drink to the dirty pint in the middle. The person who draws the last King must down the entire dirty pint.