Switch Drinking Game

Equipment Cards, table
Number of Players 3+
Our Rating


Switch is a multiplayer card game that can be easily adapted to involve drinking rules. It’s simple to play, but definitely involves an element of strategy, making it a game that everyone can enjoy and feel involved in.

How to play Switch

Each player is dealt with 7 cards, and the rest of the pack becomes the deck. One card is then overturned and the game starts with the player to the left of the dealer. The basic rule of the game is that the next card must always be either a card of the same suit or the same number. For instance, if the top card is the 4 of hearts, the next card played must be either a heart, or a 4. A number of cards have consequences when played.

  • 2 - the next person must take 2 drinks. However, if they have a 2 they can play on top, the next person has to drink 4. If they also play one, the next person has to drink 6, and so on.
  • 7 – change direction. Play starts clockwise, but when a seven is played, the direction of play changes. The person who was meant to be next prior to the change of direction must take 2 drinks.
  • 8 – miss a go. If this card if played, the person who was meant to go next, has to miss his/her turn, and must also take 5 drinks.
  • J – change suit. A Jack is the only card you can play at any time – regardless of the suit/number that is currently on top. By playing a jack, you can change the suit to whatever you want.
  • Q – Waterfall. When the Queen is played, the drinking sequence begins. Everybody starts to drink, but you can only stop drinking once the person to your right has stopped. The person who played the Queen has to be the first to stop drinking.
  • A – this card has the same rules as a 2, but when an Ace is played, the next person has to drink 4.

If you find that you are unable to play a card when it is your turn, you will need to pick up a card from the deck. If you have to pick up, you have to have 1 drink as punishment. When somebody wins the game, all other players have to finish their drinks.