Pick a Player Drinking Game

Equipment Football game on TV, alcohol
Number of Players 2+
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Pick a Player

Pick a Player is a fun, easy drinking game to play with your mates when there’s a football game on.

How to play Pick a Player

The rules are simple. All you need is a football game to watch and a group of friends. Each friend should pick a football player from either side to allocate to the friend on his/her left hand side. The footballer chosen has to play in midfield or upfront. Defenders and goalkeepers are omitted from the game. Once a player has been allocated, it cannot then be changed for the entirety of the game. The only exception is that if your player is substituted, you are automatically allocated the incoming player. If any of the following happens to your player, then you have to drink.

  • Mentioned in commentary = Drink 1 finger.
  • Yellow card = Drink 4 fingers
  • Red card = Down your drink
  • Scores a goal = Down your drink
  • Scores an own goal = Down your drink
  • Offside = Drink 4 fingers
  • Assist = Drink 4 fingers