Fuck the Dealer Drinking Game

Equipment Cards, table
Number of Players 3+
Our Rating

Fuck the Dealer

Fuck the dealer is a guessing game involving cards, and as the name suggests, you really don’t want to be the dealer.

How to play Fuck the Dealer

To start off, each player should be dealt a single card from the pack. Whoever draws the lowest card (Aces are low) will become the dealer first. Once this is done, put all of the cards back into the pack and shuffle them. To begin the game, the designated dealer must ask the person to his/her left to guess what the top card is going to be.

Once a guess is made, the dealer checks if it’s correct. If correct, the dealer must consume 5 drinks. If wrong, the dealer tells the person guessing whether the actual card is higher or lower than their guess. Once another guess has been made, the dealer places the card face up on the table. If the second guess is correct, the dealer must have 2 drinks. If wrong, the player who guessed must drink the difference between the value of their guess and the actual card. For instance, if their second guess was 6, but the card was actually 3, then they have to have 3 drinks.

The game continues in this fashion until the entire deck has been used. If players wrongly guess the top card three times in a row, the dealer passes the deck to the player on his/her left, and they become the new dealer. As the game progresses and more and more cards are placed face down on the table (as pictured above), it becomes easier to guess the correct cards, which means that the game really starts to live up to its name.