Flip Cup Drinking Game

Equipment Flat table, plastic pint glasses, alcohol
Number of Players Ideally 8+ (4 vs. 4)
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Flip Cup

Flip Cup is a speed drinking game very similar to Boat Race, except with the added inclusion of a skill element.

How to play Flip Cup

To play Flip Cup, you will need an even number of players so that you can split into two teams. This is a game ideally suited for larger groups of 8+ so that there are at least 4 players on each team. Before you start, please note that each player will need a plastic pint glass and drink.

Players should be lined up side by side, facing their opponent’s head on. Plastic pint glasses should be placed in front of each team member and filled up to an agreed level. To start, the first player must drink their entire beverage as fast as possible. The empty cup is then placed face up on the edge of the table, and the player who drank it must flip it up so that it lands face down on the table. The person second in line cannot start or even touch his/her cup before the first person has successfully flipped. If a flip is unsuccessful, players just have to reset and try again.

Flip Cup Illustration

The first team to successfully flip all of their cups is declared the winner. All flips must use one-hand only and cannot guide the cup into its position – the motion used must be fast and one-touch.