Let's Go Camping Drinking Game

Equipment None
Number of Players 4+
Our Rating

Lets go camping

Lets go camping is a fun word guessing game that's very easy to pick up.

How to play Lets Go Camping

One player thinks of a place and the rest of the group have to work out what that place is. To do this, they make statements in turn relating to what they would take to the place. For instance, if the place chosen is a beach, and a player says, “I’m going camping and I’m taking a towel”, then because you can expect there to be towels on the beach, the player would not have to drink. If the next person states, “I’m going camping and I’m taking a TV”, they would have to drink since there aren't any televisions on the beach. The game comes to an end when somebody correctly guesses the place. However, if someone makes an incorrect guess, they have to finish their entire drink. Once someone makes a correct guess, they have to choose another location and the game starts all over again.