Monopoly Drinking Game

Equipment Monopoly, table, alcohol
Number of Players 2+
Our Rating


Monopoly is one of the most loved board games in the world, and unsurprisingly, the associated drinking game does not disappoint.

How to play the Monopoly drinking game

Play the game as you normally would, but follow these additional drinking rules:

  • Drink once if you land on someone else’s property, but three times if they own the entire set.
  • Drink five times if you land on a hotel.
  • Choose someone to drink twice if you land on the ‘GO’ space.
  • Drink once for each property you decide to mortgage.
  • Down the rest of your drink if you go bankrupt.
  • Drink once if you roll doubles.
  • Drink the combined total of your dice when you land on either of the utilities.
  • If you land on a railroad, drink the number of railroads they own. If they own all 4, then drink 5.
  • Down the rest of your drink to get out of jail.
  • If the bank owes you money, you can choose somebody else to drink twice.
  • If you have any bills, you must pour some of your drink into a ‘dirty pint’ placed on the corner of the board by Free Parking.
  • If you land on Free Parking, you have to down the dirty pint.