Task Master Drinking Game

Equipment None
Number of Players 2+
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Task Master

Task Master is a drinking game that involves completing dares in front of, or involving unsuspecting strangers.

How to play Task Master

Task Master is a really easy drinking game that can be hilarious when played with a small group of friends. To play, you have to first of all appoint somebody in the group to act as the ‘Task Master’. If more than 1 person wants to start, simply play a game of Rock Paper Scissors, or draw straws. Once someone is chosen, the ‘Task Master’ will pick somebody in the group, and set them a task involving a complete stranger/group of strangers.

For instance, a task could be “knock on somebody’s door and keep them talking for 40 seconds”, or “dance in front of somebody on the street for 20 seconds”. An important rule to note is that under no circumstances can a player tell the strangers involved the purpose of the game or action undertaken. Tasks can be anything, but the game will be ruined if tasks set become too harsh.

Players are rewarded for completing a task, but are punished for abstaining or failing. If someone refuses to even try, they have to down their entire drink, whereas if a task is attempted but failed, only half must be consumed. However, if a task is successfully completed, everybody apart from the task completer has to drink, and he/she becomes the new Task Master.

If you want to make the game a bit more competitive, then you can add a scoring system. Simply decide prior to starting that players are out once they reach X amount of drinks as a result of playing the game.