What the Fuck Drinking Game

Equipment None
Number of Players 4+
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What the Fuck

The ‘What the Fuck’ drinking game is fun, easy and can be played with as many people as you like, without the need for any props.

How to play What the Fuck

Prior to starting the game, each player is given a name, which must take the form of “Something Fuck” E.g. Dirty Fuck, Shit Fuck, Cheeky Fuck, etc. Once everyone has a name, the game is started by players chanting, “What’s the name of the fucking game, say what the fuck” in rhythm.

Next, somebody starts by chanting his or her own name, followed by “what the fuck”, followed by a call to someone else. For example, a player may chant, “Dirty Fuck, what the fuck, how about a Cheeky Fuck”. In this instance, the player named Cheeky Fuck would now chant, “Cheeky Fuck, what the fuck, how about a Shit Fuck”, etc. If a player hesitates for too long, or says the wrong thing, they are required to drink a pre-designated amount.