Jenga Drinking Game

Equipment Jenga, marker pen, flat surface
Number of Players 2+
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Jenga is one of those retro games that everyone has stored away somewhere, making it the perfect addition to your drinking games repertoire.

How to play the Jenga drinking game

Drinking Jenga is played just like the normal version of the game, except each block has custom rules written on either side. Thus, you really need to prepare this game in advance of a party. Grab a marker pen and start writing rules. Popular rules include:

  • Give out drinks
  • Kiss the person on your right
  • Prank call a friend
  • Have a shot
  • Down your beer
  • Waterfall
  • Make a rule
  • Strip
  • Truth or dare

There are an endless amount of rules that you could add to this list. Experiment and include whatever rules you are comfortable with!

At the start of the game, all players have to contribute some of their drink into a ‘dirty pint’, which the person who knocks over the tower will have to drink. During the game, when a player pulls out a block, he/she gets to decide which of the two rules they want to perform. If this player chooses to abstain from either task, they are required to down their entire drink as punishment.