Risk Drinking Game

Equipment Risk board game, table
Number of Players 2+ (better with more)
Our Rating


Drinking Risk adds an extra element of fun to an already extremely popular board game in which you aim to achieve world domination.

How to play the Risk drinking game

Play Risk as you normally would, but also adhere to the following drinking rules:

  • Conquering a country = 2 drinks
  • Lose a country = 2 drinks
  • Conquer an entire continent = Down the rest of your drink
  • When you are eliminated from the game, you are allowed to allocate 2 shots or 10 drinks to any of the remaining players.

In addition, when you cash in bonus cards to gain extra battalions, you have to roll the dice. Every number has a different consequence:

  • 1 = Allocate 3 drinks.
  • 2 = Allocate 5 drinks.
  • 3 = Roll the dice again. Whatever score you get, you have to drink that many fingers or take that many men off the board.
  • 4 = Waterfall
  • 5 = Choose 2 players who must each roll the dice. Whoever gets the lowest roll has to drink 3.
  • 6 = Make a rule that stays until somebody else rolls a 6