Boat Race Drinking Game

Equipment Table, plastic pint glasses, alcohol
Number of Players Ideally 8+ (4 vs. 4)
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Boat Race

The ‘Boat Race’ drinking game is a college classic involving 2 teams of equal number.

How to play Boat Race

First of all, you need to divide yourselves up into 2 teams of equal number. Each player must have the same drink and in the same quantity. Typically, a pint of beer is the drink of choice, but some groups opt instead to strawpedo bottles of alcopop. Players stand side by side with their teammates, and face a member of the opposition head-on. Somebody has to signal ‘GO!’ at which time the first player races to consume his or her drink. Once finished, the drink has to be placed upside down on their head (a method of ensuring it is fully finished), at which point the next player can start to drink. The first team to finish all of their drinks are declared the winners!