I Have Never Drinking Game

Equipment None
Number of Players 4+ (the more the better)
Our Rating

I have never

When alcohol is involved, this game can be dangerous if there are lots of secrets in a room. Having said that, it often provides hysterical laughter and can create funny memories that you’ll never forget. This game usually flows towards becoming sexual in nature, so be warned that if you have anything to hide, it might not be a great idea to get too drunk!

How to play I have never

The premise of the game is simple. You go around a circle, one by one, and state something that you supposedly have never done. If anybody has done the thing you said, they have to drink a predefined (can be anything you choose) amount.You can either state something that you have personally done, or get creative and try to find out something funny/interesting about your peers. Once people have admitted/denied doing a particular statement, play moves on, and the next person makes a statement. A great additional rule is that if nobody takes a drink, then the person who said the ‘I have never’ must drink anyway. This can help to avoid pointless or ridiculous statements.