Quarters Drinking Game

Equipment 10p coin (or US quarter), flat table, pint glass
Number of Players 3+
Our Rating


Quarters is a simple, addictive drinking game that involves bouncing coins off the table and into a glass.

How to play Quarters

Quarters is named as such because it’s meant to be played with a ‘Quarter’ coin in American currency, but for British players, a 10 pence piece can be used as an adequate substitute. To play, you must first place a pint glass (empty or full – it’s up to you) in the middle of the table. It should be at least 10 inches away from every player. If the table isn’t quite big enough, then just move the cup each time someone has to make a shot.

Players take it in turns to bounce the coin off the table and into the glass. A successful bounce means that a player can assign 5 drinks to another player and gets another go. A miss means that you have to drink 1 and pass the coin to the player on your left. If you hit a shot, you also have the option to call a double. This essentially means that you are gambling an entire drink. If you hit the shot, you can pick a player who has to finish his/her drink. If you miss, you have to finish your own drink.