Palm Tree Drinking Game

Equipment Cards, pint glass, alcohol, flat surface
Number of Players 2+
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Palm Tree

Palm tree is a group drinking game, which includes a brilliant element of suspense, as nobody wants to be the one who loses the game!

How to play Palm Tree

Start off with a pint glass and place it in the middle of the table. Each player should now add some of his or her beverage into the glass to create a ‘dirty pint’. With the cards placed around the glass in a ring, players take it in turns to select a card and position it on top of the pint glass. If the card overturned is red, the player must take a drink. If the card overturned is black, the player is safe for that round, and the drink gets passed on to the next player. Therefore, if the player before you is safe and you turn a red, you would drink their drink (1) plus yours (1). If lots of people in a row are safe, the drinks can build up quite quickly and the stakes become higher!

But how does the palm tree element of the game work? Well, after each card is chosen, it must be placed on top of the pint glass, with at least 2 corners off the edge of the existing cards. It’s similar to Jenga in that whomever makes the cards fall, loses. The loser is then punished by having to drink the ‘palm tree’ dirty pint. Enjoy!