Drinking Games Without Cards

So it's Friday night and you've just realised you need to know how to play some drinking games with your gang tonight, you've left it late but we don't mind and we've done the hard work for you. You then realise how useless you are because you don't even have a pack of cards to hand. Fear not! We have you covered. So read on for a selection of drinking games without cards as a requirement!

The best game for you will depend on the occasion and how many people you want to involve. Some of these games require advance planning as they need special equipment or a board; Battleships, Beer Pong, Jenga, Monopoly, Risk, Twister and Snakes n Ladders.

If you are looking for an easy group game to use as an ice breaker for a work do or stag night then these are great options; Boat Race, Buzz, Categories, Chase the Ace, Flip Cup, I have Never, Lets Go Camping, Roxanne, Zuma Zuma and What the Fuck.

Arrogance is a game with rapidly increasing forfeit and Centurion requires volume to be downed in a short space of time. If you are looking for something that involves brain power Buzz, Fuzzy Duck and Thumb Master are all good choices. Quarters involves some physical skill.

Lastly Pick a Player is only for sports games but it is easy and fun for any number of players.